Nervous Morning and my Legendary Papa!

Another weekend and another 4 days to go! My nervous system already starts working.

To start the day, hari ini bakalan belajar untuk masak IKAN GULAI KUNING. Wah, masakan minang banget nih. Dan favorit keluarga, apalagi kalau ngebayangin kuah gulai kuningnya yang pedas dengan ikan kakapnya yang masih segar, atau campuran udang dan jengki. Semuanya langsung “tamboh ciek, Ni!!”

Kira-kira begitulah keluargaku. Selalu senang kalau ada acara makan besar. Apalagi dulu kalau masih ada alm. Papa. Setiap memasak apa saja pasti langsung teringat Papa, karena Papa tuh hobi banget masak ayam gulai rendang, ikan gulai kuning, udang gulai, ikan sambalado, kari kambing, bakar-bakar ikan, ayam, udang, daging atau hanya memasak satu kuali indomie goreng lengkap dengan udang dan telor. YUM YUM!!

Dan semua yang dimasaknya pasti bikin heboh satu keluarga sampai tetangga-tetangga juga ikut diundang untuk makan. Papa tuh hobi nya masak besar lalu kita makan bareng satu keluarga. Menikmati suasana, menikmati setiap gigitan ikan yang masih segar, dagingnya yang empuk, atau setiap udang galah atau udang macan yang kita beli di pasar, besar dengan daging yang penuh atau sekedar menikmati ikan sambalado dengan sambal yang pedas dan petai yang besar. Hihi. Semua makanan yang dimakan bareng Papa selalu penuh kenikmatan!

Nah, sekarang aku sudah punya resep keluarga turun temurun dari nenek dan mama untuk memasak Ikan Gulai Kuning. Doakan berhasil ya pemirsa. #lambai-lambaisaputangan.

And to start each morning, I always prepare one black tea with no sugar.

My morning boost!

Hope the day is gonna be awesome today!! And this, this nervous feeling is the thought of bringing him home to meet my family. BRRRR!!!


Weekend and mashed potato

Weekend! Most tiring days.

My sister bought some clam, white clam and I have never cooked it before. My mom said it was very easy to cook, just stir-fry the clam with green chillies and some onions, tomato and ginger. All chopped. 

So, today I tried to cook it. The results??? Failed. And sorry, I had no appetite to take picture of it. 

Btw, last week I tried to cook mashed potato. And here is the results:



Really easy to make. Here’s how:

1. Boil the potatoes with salt and some pepper. 

2. After it was really soft, grind it with your chopper or by hand mixer. Just for a half minute. Or if you do it by hand, mashed it until all the potatoes are soft. 

3. Heat 2/3 table spoon of butter and then stir fry some chopped garlic, pour some hot milk into the pan and mix it well. 

4. Add all the ingredients into the mashed potato, stir and mix it. Add a little bit of salt and pepper, mix it again. After that, add some chopped parsley. 

Serve the mashed potato with your steak or fried chicken is recommended also!!

Now, my families are asking me when will I cook this mashed potato again. And I’m gonna wait until they beg for it. Hihi. 😉

On twenty four September

This was a repost from my other blog —

24th September was my birthday. My twenty something birthday. And so, I will spoiled you with my presents and pictures! Be annoyed. 😛

A magnum gold from my bro!
My Felt Birthday Cake! ~ made by me and my sister
Making lots of wishes!
Lots of status update from my families!
Lots of tweeting on that day!

I spent the night by talking to someone I miss and waking up late and pray lots of wishes. Got a call from my @NtanMeyliza singing Happy Birthday in Korean! Love her!

Korean Happy Birthday Song

Got lots of “happy birthday” from my friends on facebook, sms, twitter and my sister made a silly broadcast to all her friends so that they wished me a happy birthday too! Super love her! Also my ex colleagues send me a voice note singing a happy birthday song together in our gossip-talk-after-lunch-red-couch! Miss them lots.

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