New Projects and FUN!

It is weekend and I was supposed to be waking up late. But, at 7am this morning, I’m wide awake with my head sticking to my laptop’s screen. Playing games and browsing blogs. Here I am, ungrateful of the cold-breeze-superlazytime-rainy-morning.

Anyway, since I am awake and I don’t have anything to do yet, I will talk about my new and current projects with my sister. We’re creating handmade accessories from keychains, bracelets, handphone accessories which mostly from beads and felt. These things are not new to the market but very few people actually enjoy doing it and selling it online.

The name of our project is “Handmade by Zee” and was created during our lazy time and my upcoming birthday on last September. We actually started with beads and made some bracelets, and my sister bored and she found another interesting objects to play with, which is Felt. She started sewing and making cute designs from the felt, like donuts and cakes.

Angry Bird, Black Ninja and Mushy keychain

Donuts keychain

Dice decorations for room

One of the first felt plush my sister made


Now my job beside making some bracelets, I edited pictures, upload them and get interactive in our facebook and twitter. While my sister is busy working with felts and stuffs, she really has a lot of orders as a beginner. I’m happy for her.

Soon, I’ll be creating our blog ‘Handmade by Zee’ which will be full of updates, current projects and inspirations. Anyway, for order or just want to have a look around at the things we made, you can find us at:

F: zeehandmade

T: @handmadebyzee

BB Pin: 20D65332

or call us at (+62) 085296592774

Hopefully this project will continue to grow up and we could become a successful entrepreneur someday. Amin!

PS: New member of our projects – my brother, who is really enthusiast on making our creations look much more exclusive. He will be busy with creating boxes – from transparent boxes, gift boxes, deluxe boxes, organizer boxes, yeah., anything we want, he will do it. Hihi.


It’s Been 2 Weeks

2 minggu yang lalu sempat jalan-jalan ke Jakarta. Temu kangen dengan sang pacar, teman-teman di Kraft, nyari bahan-bahan gelang dan sempat juga menjadi tourist seharian di Jakarta! Yeah, I’ve been to Taman Mini and actually going around the small city and board on the skylift!

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