Ready for Gangnam Style

Such a busy month this March, we’re going to open our store soon for @handmadebyzee and we have a lot to decorate, display and products to sell. Beberapa minggu terakhir penuh dengan jahit, jahit, jahit. BUT I FEEL SO SLEEPY. I think I eat the “Sleeping Monster” and it’s growing inside my body.

Well, saatnya bersemangaaaat! Dua hari lagi aku akan berada di KL mengunjungi si bodat dan akan bernostalGILA lagi, reminiscing our crazy moments, drive to nowhere and just enjoying teh o ice and nasi lemak. On the weekend, we’ll drive through this Music Festival!


Future Music Festival Asia 2013

PSY Gangnam


Oh yeah, I’m going to dance GANGNAM STYLE too! Even though some of you will say it’s sooooo 2012, and 2013 is Harlem Shake, well, I don’t care. I will do Harlem Shake in his concert!!! I hope I don’t get too hype and forget to take pictures/videos!

Holiday in a holiday moment…?? I’m coooming!!


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