Bye My Toothy!

This horror story started when I was about to have my lunch. I was so effing hungry and can’t wait to taste my delicious cooking of chilly fried small fish (red: ikan teri disambelin). I had a spoon full of rice entered my mouth and I chewed. Chew, chew, chew, suddenly I feel something painful in my left side. Myย tongue ready to check it out if something stuck, it felt nothing. But I felt the pain.

Lazily, I checked that little bastard in the mirror, I thought something got stuck in my left teeth. I found a flashlight and checked it out. Nothing. But something’s moving. A tiny part of my wisdom tooth moved. It wiggled but doesn’t fall off. Then my nightmare began.

Thousand of years before, I never dreamed that I’ll be the one who goes to the dentist and got my tooth removed. I never dreamed of it, never speak of it, never see that my time has come. I know that I’m being too dramatic, but I never ready for this moment.

Do you ever have any toothache before? Is it painful? It is. And I was ready for it. When my baby molar tooth/wisdom tooth grew, I was exciting and feeling so much pain. My cheek swollen, I couldn’t moved my face, I couldn’t smile, couldn’t chew, even when I blinked my eye, it hurts. But I was ready for it. I feel the pain, I wrote about it in my facebook status and I even posted a picture when my cheek got swollen and chubby.

Now I have to face the dentist!

But I have to find one first. Based on my experience with dentist in my small town, I have none. So, I asked my friend. There is one in Lhokseumawe town called Smart Dental and another one in Batuphat town, Drg. Dicky something.

I checked out the first one in Lhokseumawe, Smart Dental. The dentist checked my tooth and straight away said that it should be moved. I was too scared. I asked “Is there any other way?”. She shooked her head, but didn’t feel sorry at all. I decided to go home.

Important tips: when you feel in doubt, ask for support.

So I asked my mom, my mas and my sister.

My sister said: “It will be painful, but you just feel it once, and you’ll never feel any toothache afterwards.”

My Mas said: “You should carefully select the dentist. Check their background, asked about their license, asked their other patients about the credibility of the dentist.”

My Mom said: “They’ll give you anesthetic, you won’t feel a thing.”

I decided to hear my super duper best mom’s advice instead!

So, the next day, with full support from my mom, I went to the dentist and asked her to remove my tooth. While waiting, I met my friend there and she said she already pulled 4 of her teeth, so I think the dentist is credible enough. So, I have my Mas support as well. ๐Ÿ˜›

The conversation between me and my dentist:

Dentist Lady (DL): “Are you ready?”

Me: “No.”

DL: “Ok, open your mouth.”

Me: “Can I hold your hand?”

DL: “No.”

Then I just closed my eyes and pray.

– the end –

wisdom tooth - cerita dona

Bye Toothy!


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