My ASOT 600 Moments – Live in KL

I’ve been hiding from myself so much and started to abandon this blog. This is me, the usual me.

And yesss, I’ve wanted to share stories about my short trip to KL last month and everything fun that happened in KL, being together with my super best friend and having our old time pillow talk every night. One of the first thing I miss in KL is her.

Anyway, let’s start with

The Concert

It was a two day Music Festival with 4 stages and thousands of people from around the world. It was held in Sepang, KL which is one hour drive from Shah Alam. Started at 4/5pm  and ended until 3am but we never ended the night there, we just too hungry and too tired from the dancing and the music, and our energy all burnt out after 1am.

On the first day, Armin took the stage around 11pm, we were watching some other dudes that I barely know, even Armin, I just know a few music of him. But heck no, we didn’t waste time, we danced to every songs. Yes, me and my two bad girls (only that night) danced like no one’s watching, I repeat, WE DANCED LIKE YOLO!!

Armin is in the houseee..!!

By the way, bring more money because drinks and foods are ridiculously overcharged. Mineral water for RM10???!? 

The second day, we made sure that we didn’t miss PSY, FUN and Rita Ora. (I’m sorry I don’t really like her and her songs) But Intan insisted that we can’t miss her. Because she started before PSY and FUN on the same stage. Suuureee enough, we didn’t miss Rita Ora. She sang and sang and sang, and Intan didn’t know the song or the lyrics. Waaddeeee..! So we just stand in the crowd and pretend like we have fun, which we had, but the other way of fun, we just started to giggle and laugh and asking whyyyyy we didn’t know any of her songs.

After that awkward moment, we moved to the front row to watch PSY closer. The break between the artist is like 10 – 15 minutes, so there was no point of going anywhere to see other stages and still afraid that we might lose the front spot. When he appeared, all the crowd started to scream. We did too. PSY have good english. Intan said he talked too much, like in drama korean movies. I was just so hyped with him and started to took pictures, update status, learn the lyrics.

Areumdawo sarangseureowo….Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey…. Jigeumbuteo gal dekkaji gabolkka

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